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Wenn Sie den besten Job Ihres Lebens mit einigen der tollsten Menschen, die Sie je getroffen haben, haben möchten, dann sollten Sie hier weiterlesen. Aber glauben Sie nicht, dass es keine Herausforderung wird!

Working at PDR

The Work

Its all about quality at PDR. The focus is always on how good the work is and how to improve, where and who we can learn from, how we get to the next level. There are some amazing companies and organisations out there, some of whom we are lucky enough to work with. We benchmark against the very best and expect the highest standards. You will be challenged.

The Environment

PDR has an amazing studio and working spaces stuffed with the latest research, design, development and collaboration tools. Our work is global and you will probably need to travel to some fascinating places but your base is located at the edge of parkland in an incredible city that's on the coast and 10 minutes from the mountains. Of course, there is a gym you can use, 30 days of holiday and final salary pension scheme. Did we mention the free coffee ....

The Culture

PDR isn’t a ‘corporate’. You will not find huge administrative systems, lots of business speak and colleagues you barely know. We are relatively small, close knit team. We know each other and rely on each other. Of course, we are looking for genuine talent, a solid work ethic, and killer skills but humility, a continual thirst for knowledge and learning and being a genuine, good person are the attributes everyone here has to have.


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