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在 PDR,工作质量至上。公司始终关注如何做好工作、如何改进工作、我们在哪里以及可以向谁学习、我们如何实现下一阶段目标。我们很幸运能够与世界上一些更为卓越的公司和组织合作。我们以向好为基准,努力实现最高标准。这也将挑战您的能力极限。


PDR 拥有完善的工作室和工作空间,配备最新的研究、设计、开发与协同工具。我们实行全球化工作方式,您可能需要前往一些迷人的地方,而您的办事处位于一座城市的公园一角,那是一座位于海岸,离山区仅 10 分钟车程的迷人城市。当然,办事处配有健身房,您还可以享有 30 天假期和最终薪资退休金计划。我们还供应免费咖啡……


PDR 不是一家“公司”。这里没有庞大的管理系统、大量的商务演讲和您几乎不认识的同事。我们是一支规模相对较小但是组织严密的团队。我们的团队成员彼此了解,相互依赖。当然,我们在寻找真正的有识之士,具有扎实的职业道德和卓越技能,但谦逊有礼、持续渴望学习知识以及希望成为一位真正优秀的人士是这里每个人都必须具备的品质。

PDR 的生活

Current vacancies

  • Product Design Engineer

    The product designer role will work within the new product development (NPD) team to delivery design and development projects for a wide range of international clients.

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  • Senior User Centred Designer

    A vacancy has arisen for an internship to work within our design and development consultancy team. This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious and talented graduate designer or user centred researcher with strong communication and written skills, and who thrives within a challenging, diverse and creative environment.

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  • User Centred Designer

    User Centred Design lies at the heart of PDR’s activities, central to many of its commercial and research based activities. The role is focussed leading and managing key consultancy activities within PDR.

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  • Business Development Consultant

    The Business Development Consultant will work with the Business Development Manager and have responsibility for prospecting, qualifying, and generating new business leads.

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  • Design Innovation Specialist

    This new role of Design Innovation Specialist for PDR Academy will focus on building on the wealth of research and experience within PDR to develop and deliver a suite of capacity building and training programmes. To expand PDR’s current training offer, the Specialist will work across teams to gather materials and co-create content on new offers of experiential learning based on PDR’s expertise.

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  • Product Designer - KTP Associate, V-Trak

    We are looking for a graduate designer who wants to develop user-centred design and advanced manufacturing methods within the high-performance mobility and custom posture management sector. The role will require developing light weight, easy to adjust and aesthetically cutting-edge products that can be customised to meet user needs.

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