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Jun 06. 2024

Sally in Brighton to talk sleep in the city

Dr Sally Cloke is in Brighton to present at a conference on the interface between sound and social justice.

Sonic Rebellions is a two-day symposium of panel discussions, interactive workshops and film screenings that explores how artists, academics and activists use music and sound to engage with social and political issues in new ways. The biennial event is co-hosted by the University of Brighton and the London School of Economics.

Sally will be delivering a workshop entitled Sound (a)sleep: Design speculations and the sleep-positive city.

‘I’ll be applying my research into sleep, design and social equity to the concept of spatial justice’, said Sally. ‘Spatial justice is a relatively new way of thinking about the design of urban spaces. It recognises that access to resources and services like public transport, healthy food options or safe streets are often unfairly distributed in our cities, and that this helps intrench injustices such as racism, sexism and isolation.’

‘My workshop will ask participants to think about the aspects of modern cities that support or hinder good sleep and how they’re distributed. We will then co-create a map of our ideal sleep-positive city using collage and found objects.’

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