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Jan 09. 2024

PDR wins 3 Good Design Awards for 2023

We are excited to share that we have achieved Good Design Awards for three of our innovative projects!

The Good Design Awards, a globally esteemed and long-standing design award program, is renowned for its prestige and recognition. Organised annually, it attracts numerous entries, undergoes evaluation by independent international jurors, and recognises designs that exhibit exceptional quality, innovation, and superior design.

The winning projects

The first winning project was Tabu* – a customisable sanitary product carry case designed for premenstrual users. Drawing strongly on our user-centred and industrial design capabilities, the concept aims to destigmatise periods and provide positive and empowering experiences for individuals approaching or experiencing their first period.

Recognising the global issue of period poverty and the lack of menstrual education, Tabu* addresses these challenges by supplying the carry case, designed for Generation Alpha, through charities and government agencies at no cost. The case is customisable, environmentally conscious, and includes an app offering inclusive resources for users aged seven to seventeen.

Our second winning project was Brace Packaging for Brace – a product that offers a revolutionary approach to treating pectus carinatum, a condition affecting millions of children globally.

The packaging, made from 100% pulp, plays a crucial role in the treatment process. After an initial consultation, personalised Brace Packaging is delivered, guiding patients through a convenient setup with pre-marked instructions. The aesthetic design breaks away from traditional medical devices, using clean prints and environmentally friendly materials.

Last but not least, the third winning project was the Bolin Webb Generation Razor – a meticulously designed and minimalistic shaving tool that prioritises functionality and longevity. Its elegant metal form is carefully crafted for optimal weight and balance, featuring a small knurled area for practical handling. In contrast to disposable razors with insignificant handles, the Generation Razor is robust, thoroughly tested, and optimised for extensive use.

Jarred Evans, Managing Director at PDR shares his thoughts in this statement:

It’s fantastic news to hear that we have won three Good Design Awards, recognising the consistently amazing work of the design team here at PDR.” He continued: “It was a journey we started in 2006 to enter some of our work each year in only very carefully selected, independent and internationally acclaimed design awards. It is ALWAYS about getting better and better on each project we do and an anonymous review of our work by some of the very best out there has allowed us a great perspective on our progress. These three awards bring PDR’s total to 79 major international design awards since that very first entry in 2006. I’m grateful to be working with such incredible people over the years and there is so much more to come.”

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