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May 25. 2023

Introducing the PDR Colour, Material & Finish Library

Colour, Material, and Finish (CMF) Design investigates the use of colour, material, texture, and pattern to convey a product’s identity. CMF decisions can be used to enhance the user’s experience with a product or space - to tell a story or elicit a feeling.

It was essential to create a space where we can easily communicate different colour, material and finish options between our design team and clients. The library contains a comprehensive range of samples covering different material categories. It also features rotating spaces displaying the latest innovations in the industry and resources for our designers to keep up with cutting-edge materials and consider how they may be applied to our design process.

In our latest video, Katie Forrest Smith, CMF Designer, takes us on a tour and shows some of the materials stored in our ever-growing library.

Introducing the PDR CMF Library | PDR