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Apr 15. 2024

Jarred to join panel discussion on design to empower marginalised communities

On Tuesday 23rd April our Director Jarred Evans will take part in a panel at the Royal Society of Arts at their London Headquarters. The title of the event is ‘Design for All: Empowering Marginalized Communities to Shape Their Futures’

Jarred joins a diverse panel of experts led by Professor Anastasios Maragiannis PFHEA, FRSA, from University of Westminster. Also involved are Ed Houghton of DG cities urban innovation consultancy, and Suzan Ucmaklioglu from Architect Foster + Partners Architectural Designers.

The key theme of the panel will be to ‘explore the transformative power of design in empowering marginalised communities to actively shape their futures’. It is open to anyone passionate about the intersection of design, empowerment and social change.

Key Topics (*Royal Society of Arts):

- Recognizing the barriers faced by marginalized communities in design

- The role of design in addressing social inequalities and systemic barriers

- Empowering communities through participatory design processes

- Examples of successful design initiatives that have empowered marginalized communities

- Collaboration and partnerships between designers and communities for sustainable change.

Of his inclusion in the panel, Jarred said the following: “I’m really excited to take part in the upcoming panel discussion at the Royal Society of Arts. At PDR we take pride in advocating for design’s use to bring about wider societal benefits, and our co-occupation as design research centre means we have strong expertise in design for policy and the public sector. It’s great therefore for us to be part of the conversation on the positive impact design can have on marginalised communities. I look forward to joining the experts involved for a very interesting discussion.”

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