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Medi 29. 2023

YN GAWL AR DDYLUNWYR: rydym angen i chi gymryd rhan yn ein harolwg Cyngor Dylunio


Mae'r Cyngor Dylunio mewn partneriaeth â PDR wedi dechrau prosiect ymchwil newydd, 'Economi Ddylunio, Gwerth Cymdeithasol ac Amgylcheddol Dylunio', i ddeall gwerth cymdeithasol ac amgylcheddol dylunio yn well yn y Deyrnas Unedig. Mae cam cychwynnol y prosiect hwn yn cynnwys anfon arolwg i ddylunwyr sy'n gweithio ym mhob sector a diwydiant yn economi ym Mhrydain.


In 2022 the Design Council presented a report on the economic value of design in the UK. ‘Design Economy: People, Places, and Economic Value’ established that there are 1.97 million people working in the design economy, contributing £97.4bn in Gross Value Added (GVA), 4.9% of total UK GVA in 2019.

Now, the Design Council aims to provide further insight into the social and environmental impact of design, and how it can help shape the economy of the future. Using the Design Value Framework and Design Economy Theory of Change, PDR will undertake a series of research tasks, surveys and interviews. The results gained from these will inform the next stage of case studies and workshops, with the eventual aim of generating a co-created, purpose-driven future agenda for Design Economy practice and research.

In light of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s recent announcement of support for the creative industries to boost the UK economy, now is an ideal time for designers to identify the enablers and barriers to achieving positive social and environmental impact through design.



The Design Council is the UK’s national strategic advisor for design, championing design and its ability to make life better for all. The Design Council uniquely works across all design sectors and delivers programmes with business, government, public bodies and the third sector. The work encompasses thought leadership, tools and resources, showcasing excellence, and research to evidence the value of design and influence policy. Their Design for Planet mission was introduced in 2021 to galvanise and support the 1.97 million people who work in the UK’s design economy to help achieve net zero and beyond.


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