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6月 04. 2024

Presenting CO:RE Cards to DESIGN 2024

Safia Suhaimi attended DESIGN 2024 organised by The Design Society last week in Cavtat, Croatia, to present her research behind our CO:RE Cards initiative. She shares the highlights and reflects on her experience of meeting other like-minded researchers who are passionate about using design to co-create change. Read on for Safia’s reflections on her trip.

Conference highlights

“I was fortunate to be able to attend DESIGN 2024, as it focused on various aspects of design that were relevant to my interest. People shared their work in human creativity, co-designing for sustainability, design processes and design for play! It was a good mix of paper presentations and co-creation workshops... To kickstart the first day I chose to participate in two very different workshops – one was more in my comfort zone: looking at stakeholder empathy and persona, while the other was on luxury car speculative UI Design! Who knew listening to engineers debating about mechanical versus touchscreen dashboard buttons could be so enlightening?”

“I enjoyed talking to people and connecting with new potential collaborators for research from across the globe. I have to say that the conference was a lovely set-up, as the daily social breaks were held on a balcony overlooking Cavtat with a breathtaking view of the sea! (And did I mention the free-flow Croatian coffee?)

Paper presentation

I presented about how CO:RE Cards could support collaborative dialogues and their potential to nurture a Community of Practice. Our paper was presented under the Co-Creation and Co-Design Studies session alongside other works focusing on creativity for collaboration. It was a nice surprise as our paper was ranked in the top 10% and got a certificate for being a Reviewers’ Favourite! That was definitely the icing on the cake... and a nice souvenir to be able to bring back home to PDR.

What’s next for CO:RE Cards?

People praised how the deck and its packaging were beautifully designed. This came as no surprise, as Siena and Katie both put a lot of work into creating the aesthetic of the deck. People approached me after the presentation to talk more about potential new areas that can be explored with the CO:RE Cards, and I can say that there’s more to come for the CO:RE Cards, so watch this space!

Photo credits: Saugata Pramanik, Safia Suhaimi