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3月 28. 2023

PDR and Media Cymru: Nurturing Innovative Practices in the Creative Industries

PDR is part of the Media Cymru Consortium, with a shared aim of embedding research and development (R&D) in the media sector of the Cardiff Capital Region and wider Wales. The end goal is to transform R&D engagement and further develop the region as global hub for media innovation.

PDR’s active involvement in media innovation can be traced back to Clwstwr. In Clwstwr, creative practitioners were provided with in-depth support in their R&D processes using User Centred Design (UCD) methods, with interventions such as training, workshops and one-to-one consultations.

Building on the success of PDR’s delivery in Clwstwr, we now continue to foster innovation practices in the creative industries for Media Cymru – this time at a much larger scale to achieve even greater impact. The experience we have had in Clwstwr has provided useful insights and lessons that we have now taken forward into Media Cymru.

One of our primary goals is to provide accessible research to the creative community and demonstrate how collaborative approaches and UCD methods are applicable to the media industries, and they play a key role in instilling innovative practices in other creative industries.

In our most recent video, Dr Safia Suhaimi, Post-Doctoral Design Researcher, discusses how she is excited to see how PDR continues to influence the creative community and maintain a collaborative network.