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Jun 23. 2021

Introducing Oli, our new UCD Specialist

The newest member of our growing team, Oliver (Oli) Winter joined us in May as a UCD Specialist. Focussed on user research and identifying user problems with products and systems, his daily work is all about searching for opportunities for improvement and better functionality.

Having previously worked for the IMDC (Intelligent Mobility Design Centre) with academic research blending into commercial projects, PDR’s merging of the two was definitely appealing: “I think having my knowledge and experience from my previous roles beforehand, it was a good transition to go more commercial and have the ‘academic’ on the side of it. But also the culture around the company pulled me in. The way that we all talk and can communicate together is brilliant,” Oli explains. “And the fact that PDR is now the number one design consultancy in the UK - I mean, that’s a major draw - you want to be part of the best!”

The culture around the company pulled me in. The way that we all talk and can communicate together is brilliant

Oliver Winter | UCD Specialist | PDR

With a background in tech within product design, and transport design, Oli knew he’d be working a lot with medical devices and services within healthcare. “I have always wanted to pursue medical device design or related projects - the diversity within the medical industry, and the products they're using and the services they're designing is huge.”

What about the team culture? “It's been brilliant. Everyone's been really welcoming, despite having to work from home. And having Josh, my welcoming/support buddy, gives me that opportunity to meet other people in the team I might not always spend the day talking to. It really does help bring you in, when you can't see everyone in the office.”

And outside of work? Oli’s perfect adventure weekend, he explains, would be “a sunny weekend, having a barbecue with your mates down at the beach or somewhere where you can jump into the water. And I quite enjoy going out into the countryside - whether that’s going up to the lakes and the peaks, or down to the coast and the Devon area.”

When asked about any hidden talents the PDR team don’t know about yet, Oli loves sports, and his skill for being able to pick up a sport very quickly is probably his greatest passion. As a former national league championship winner for hockey during college, he promises to go check out a Cardiff Devils ice hockey game the next time he’s visiting the PDR office in Cardiff…

The rest of the team at PDR would like to say a huge welcome to Oli - we’re looking forward to seeing his work on our next few projects!

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