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may. 15. 2023

PDR receives 2 iF Design Awards for 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have won 2 iF Design Awards for 2023!

The first award recognised the packaging design for our Brace device for R and D Surgical Ltd.

Millions of children worldwide suffer from pectus carinatum (typically known as pigeon chest), which is treated by applying prolonged pressure to the breastbone to correct its alignment. While traditional treatment for this condition involves awkward and stigmatising metal braces, Brace uses contemporary materials and mechanisms to create a more comfortable, clinically effective and discrete solution.

Rather than simply serving to safeguard and deliver the product, the device’s lightweight, recyclable packaging is designed to optimise device set up and play a critical role in the user experience.

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We received our second award in the Beauty and Care category for the Bolin Webb Generation Razor, a modern razor that emphasises high-quality simplicity and a distraction-free shaving experience.

Formed from extruded and machined metal, this elegant and minimalistic design provides the perfect weight and balance to achieve an excellent shaving experience.

Made using high-quality materials and compatible with easily available shaving heads, this is a product meant to meet the consumer’s needs for many years after purchase.

About the Awards

For nearly 70 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been regarded as one of the most significant industry awards and a benchmark of high-quality design. It celebrates outstanding accomplishments across a variety of disciplines, including product, packaging, communication, and service design, as well as architecture, interior architecture, professional concept, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) design.

PDR has been ranked by iF Design as the number 1 design agency in the UK since 2018 and continues to hold this place in 2023.

You can read about our past award-winning projects & entries here.

A big congratulations to the whole team for their hard work and unyielding commitment to purposeful design!

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